Alternative Energy

 Education and the development of alternative energy research development and demonstration test and promote and disseminate renewable energy. This is clean energy. No environmental impact. And existing energy sources such as local wind solar, biomass and others to be produced. And widespread use. Effective With the appropriate technical, economic and social users in urban and rural areas where the research and development of renewable energy such. Include the development of equipments and devices for use with the most effective work and development of renewable energy. As part of a renewable energy development plan. Projects that are directly related, under this plan is. Energy research projects. And is associated with rural development plans established in the project electricity charges. With solar battery for rural villages without electricity and work to study and develop alternative energy routine that resembles the operation of events. The breadth to support the development of renewable energy technologies. In academic theoretical And test equipment and testing, including the promotion and distribution. This will support And support with the establishment of new projects. Energy research projects and other projects. Related, such as basic research. Monitoring progress and co-coordinating with relevant agencies in developing appropriate test analysis and preliminary assessment. And the promotion of projects in progress that is more complete and support the project has completed the process of the promotion. And dissemination and utilization as appropriate.