Horizontal axis wind turbine technology for water pumping in Thailand

Wind turbines are not only good for power generation. They have been used in water pumping long before they are utilized in electricity generating purpose. The Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency, or DEDE, has developed a pilot project, using horizontal axis wind turbines to pump water.

The DEDE has conducted the initial phase of the project--using wind power to pump water--to study, research, and develop turbines that suit the purpose. It has constructed three types of wind turbines for water pumping and purchased one more type before passing on the knowledge of the matter to the private sector. It will construct 12 additional sets of turbines and eventually install and demonstrate them nationwide.

The Department plans expanded the result of this project by installing wind turbines to pump water for agricultural purpose under the Royal project at Bangtan in the Bansang district of Prachinburi. The installation of three turbines will provide pumping capacity of 1.52-2 cubic meters per second, at average wind speed of 2.5-3.5 meters per second, on vegetable plots and DEDE’s  plot.

 Blades of the horizontal wind turbines are made of thick galvanized zinc. Each turbine has 18, 24, 30 and 45 blades, with 4-6 meters diameters. With blade axis at 12-15 meters above the ground, the wind turbines start rotating at average wind speed of 3 meters per second and will continue to rotate at inertia force of no less than 2 meters per second. The tail unit are made of steel sheets that will control the body and blades of turbines, turning them to face the wind horizontally in all directions. The tail sets will be folded after wind speed exceeds 8 meters per second. The blades will turn wind power into mechanical power and transmit it from the main axle to transmission set and crankshaft in order to shift the power vertically before passing on to the fly rod made of  steel stems that move vertically. The power will then be passed on to the water pump’s cylinders, made from 3-15 inches brass or stainless steel, while the size of intake and output water pipes are at 2 and 1.5 inches respectively.

This is another one of DEDE’s pilot project to develop horizontal axis wind turbine for water pumping whose results will be expanded in the future.