Using solar power as an alternative energy

On July 16, 2013, the National Energy Policy Committee has approved a plan for the Energy Ministry to promote power purchase from Solar PV Rooftop projects by up to 200MW in 2013. The move is a new step of the Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency’s (DEDE) persistent efforts to develop commercial solar power generation and bolster the country’s energy security. The Department has supported a number of projects relevant to solar power including:

Solar power generation system installment project

DEDE conducted this project during 1983-2007, covering 1,040 sites with combine capacity of 2,900.8 Kw. The project comprise of 1,025.5 Kw from battery systems for 353 villages, 786.5Kw  from power generation system for 177 schools in rural area, 175.5 Kw from power generation system for 177 community learning centers, 134 Kw from 66 water pump systems, 202.2 Kw. from power generation system in 50 area of the Royal initiation projects,  50 Kw from Mini Grid for 5 villages, and 134 Kw power generation for health stations etc.

(a) for rural villages and schools that do not have access to electricity (b) for water pumping in Mukdaharn.

Figure 1 Solar cell power generation system

 Solar cell testing and standard development project

DEDE has established a solar cell standard testing and development center with an objective to become an international testing center. Currently, solar cells are used to produce over 3,200 Kw of electricity and rapidly increasing. The Department emphasizes on the quality, efficiency, and product life of relevant equipments such as solar panel, battery, inverter, batter-control equipments etc.

(a) Heat testing unit   (b) lead strength testing equipment (c) Battery capacity testing equipment

Figure 2 Solar cell system testing equipment 

Solar water heating equipment testing center project

This project focuses on testing the system’s competency in terms of temperature and system reliability.

Solar-powered cooling system production potential and utilization study project

This prototype project is the demonstration site for usage of heat from solar power to facilitate air-conditioning system that fits with Thailand’s climate. It also studies development potential of local manufacturers.

Figure 3 Solar-powered cooling system

Mixed-system solar water heating promotion project (promotes installation of solar water heating system) This project was initiated since 2007 to encourage the utilization of solar power to generate hot water  for usage in buildings and factories. This project help creating investment for system installment at 40,000 square meters of solar panel in 2011, reducing fuel usage by 5 5 Ktoe/year

These are just parts of projects conducted by DEDE to promote the usage of solar power as an alternative energy. We will demonstrate further in articles that will be consequently released.