Action plan to promote CBG usage

DEDE prepares action plan to promote CBG usage in Thailand, with an aim to reduce oil consumption and provide energy alternative for remote area.

 Compressed Bio-methane Gas, or CBG, is biogas that has been through improvement process, lifting methane gas composition to 83%-90% from 60%. It can be used as fuel for vehicles, with compatible characteristics with Natural Gas for Vehicles (NGV). If CBG is used in the transport sector, Thailand will be able to reduce oil import and allow production and usage of CBG in areas that are far from natural gas pipe lines.

 The Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency (DEDE) has studied and gathered information on biogas production, energy crops, policies, procedures, rules and regulations regarding to development and promotion of CBG usage both domestically and in other countries. It has also studied appropriate area to promote production and usage of CBG as well as development potential of other materials such as energy crops. It studied methane improvement technologies to produce CBG as well as CBG cost structure to compare with CNG being used at present. In addition, it also studied existing problems and obstacles to prepare action plan for development and promotion of CBG technology in accordance with the overall alternative energy development plan, which could involve price or investment subsidies as well as subsidy method and required budget.

 The DEDE will conduct a public hearing on the action plan with all stakeholders and consider any suggestions gathered from the hearing to improve the CBG development and promotion plan to achieve targets stipulated in the alternative energy development plan.

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