Requirement on Designated Building

Royal Decree on Designated Building 1995 (B.E.2538) with an effective dated on 12th December 1995 had determined the building of which its feature is a single building or several buildings registered under one house registration having energy consumption as stated below to be a “ Designated Building ”  

     1.  Getting approval from power distributor to use the power meter or to install electric transformer of one or several sets in total of 1,000 kW or 1,175 kVA and over. 

     2.  Using electricity from the power distributor system, using heat from steam of the distributor or using other depleted energy from distributor or of self generation, either anyone type of these or the overall, from date 1st January up to 31st December of the previous year, having its total energy consumption equivalent to electrical energy of over 20 million MJ.

 Criteria Applied in Calculation on Energy Consumption in Unit of MJ

      1.   In case of electricity, calculate the electricity consumption in unit of kWh multiplied by 3.60

      2.  In case of heat from steam, calculate the heat consumption from steam in term of electricity equivalent by the following formula

            Es = (hs– hw) * S * eff


           Es     is a heat consumption from steam in tem of electricity equivalent in unit of MJ per year

           hs    is an Enthalpy value of steam in unit of MJ/t from a normal steam table

           hw     is an Enthalpy of water at 27 degree Celsius and atmospheric pressure is at  113 MJ/t

           S     is a heat consumption in unit of t/yr read from steam meter of that building

          eff    is  an efficiency of heat conversion to electrical energy equivalent, an efficiency value to be used is 0.45

     3.  In case of other depleted energy, calculate a heat consumption from other depleted energy to electrical energy equivalent by the following formula

              Ef = F * HHV * eff


          Ef     is a depleted energy consumption in term of electrical energy equivalent by a unit of MJ/yr

          F       is a depleted energy consumption in unit of weight or volume per year

          HHV  is a HHV, higher heat value, of depleted energy use in a unit of MJ / unit of weight or volume

          eff     is an efficiency of heat conversion to electrical energy equivalent, a value to be used is 0.45

     In case of no HHV from the distributor, use an average HHV as specified by DEDE   

     The Depleted Energy defined by the ECP Act means covering of energy from coal, oil shell, oil sand, crude oil, fuels, natural gas and nuclear, etc.

     Exemption of buildings as for the non-designated buildings are such as: buildings with Royal Throne Halls or Palaces, buildings of foreign embassy or consulate, building offices of international organisations or agencies established under agreements between government of Thailand and of foreign countries, ancient places, temples or buildings for religious activities, of which constructed under an existing building control law in particular. 

Designated Building Directory   download

    Any building wishes to request DEDE to inspect whether or not in being covered as a designated building, can proceed by filling-in its detail in a Form of Energy Consumption Data for Inspection of Being Qualified as a Designated Building, then submits or posts to:

         BERC Director, DEDE

        17 Rama 1 Rd., RuangMuang, Pathumwan District, Bangkok 10330

or by FAX at:    + 662  223  1151