Substance of the ECP Act

En Energy Conservation Law has its full name of “ the Energy Conservation Promotion Act 1992 (B.E. 2535)  ”. The ECP Act  was pronounced in the Government Gazette on 2nd April 1992 and  come into force as from the day following the date of its publishing in the Government Gazette onwards, i.e. since 3rd April 1992.   The principle of the ECP Act having the following objectives.

           1.   Regulate, supervise, promote and support the people being promulgated by the law (the designated buildings and factories) to conserve energy by producing and using en energy efficiently and savings.

           2.   Promote and support the efficient machines and equipment, and the materials using for energy conservation to be manufactured in the country and to be used nationwide.

           3.   Promote and support the energy conservation in form of Abstract by establishing the  ‘’ Energy Conservation Promotion Fund ’’ for using as mechanism in providing the financial support on energy conservation.

         Energy conservation law comprises of the following 9 Chapters and 61 Sections.


Definition and Interpretation   Section 1-6

Chapter 1   Energy Conservation in Designated Factory   Section 7-16

Chapter 2 Energy Conservation in Designated Building   Section 17-22

Chapter 3 Energy Conservation in Machinery, Equipment and Promote Using the Energy Efficient Material   Section 23

Chapter 4 Energy Conservation Promotion Fund   Section 24-39

Chapter 5 Promotion Measures and Assistance   Section 40-41

Chapter 6 Surcharges   Section 42-46

Chapter 7 Competent Officers   Section 47-49

Chapter 8 Appeals   Section 50-52

Chapter 9 Punishment   Section 53-61

 The ECP Act B.E.2535 download 

       The main target groups of the Act, under Chapter 1,2 and 3, which the government will regulate, supervise, promote and assist are:

       1.  Designated factories   (DF)

       2.  Designated buildings  (DB)

       3. Manufacturers or suppliers of high efficient machinery and equipment and of materials  using for conserving an energy. 

        As for the groups of DF and DB, the Act will emphasise on factories and buildings consuming a large amount of energy and having potentials to implement the energy conservation at instant.  The “ Royal Decree on Designated Factory ”  and “ Royal Decree on Designated Building ”  would then be enacted to determine on what types of factory and building and which energy types and at what quantity will be designated as the designated factories and designated building to implement the energy conservation in compliance with this Act. 

       As for the group of manufacturers or suppliers of high efficient machinery and equipment and of materials using for conserving an energy, they will be eligible to getting support on such those efficient machinery/equipment and materials for production and distribution to the people at nationwide and inexpensive prices, thus helping people in reducing energy uses.  The types and quality standards of machinery, equipment and materials eligible for getting support will be determined and specified in the ministerial regulation later on.

      Activities to be counted as energy conservation in factory in compliance with Section 7 are to operate any one of such the following implementations:

      1.  Improvement of Fuel combustion efficiency

      2.  Energy loss prevention

      3.  Energy recovery

      4.  Change to use another energy type

      5.  Improvement of electricity use by improving the power factor, reducing the power peak demand in period of electrical system peak demand, using the electrical appliances to properly meet their load requirements and other improvement methods.

      6. Using the high efficient machinery or equipment, the operational control system and other materials resulted in energy conservation.

      7. Conserving an energy by any other methods required by the ministerial regulation.

    Activities to be counted as energy conservation in building in compliance with Section 17 are to operate any one of such the following implementations:

     1.  Heat reduction from sunlight entering into building.

     2.  Air conditioning efficiently and maintaining the building internal temperature at optimum.

     3. Using the building construction materials resulted in conserving an energy and identifying each material quality.

     4.  Using the lighting efficiently in the building

     5.  Using and installing the machinery, equipment and materials benefit to building energy conservation.

     6.  Using the operational control system for machinery and equipment.

     7. Conserving an energy by any other methods as required by the ministerial regulation.

        Determining the activity types to be counted as energy conservation in factory and building as aforesaid so that the persons in concern, either implementers or regulators, will clearly understand the same way for which of implementations are counted as an energy conservation in compliance with this Act.

     As for the energy conservation procedures and duties of the designated buildings/factories, the eligibility to get the financial assistance and promotion from the ECP Fund and others as enacted by the Act will be discussed in the next theme.