Synthetic fuel from biomass

Thailand conducts the feasibility of Biomass to Liquid (BLT) synthetic fuel production through Fast Pyrolysis process.

 The making of BLT synthetic fuel involves the processing of biomass, such as sliver, into fuel for vehicles. This can be done through Fischer-Tropsh or pyrolysis processes. Thailand is currently conducting research studies on the Fischer-Tropsh process and has not yet commenced any commercial operation. A number of relevant organizations have expressed their keen interest to take parts in BLT synthetic fuel production development project.

The government plans to promote BLT synthetic fuel production through establishment of a prototype production plant for research studies in areas of relevant organizations such as  Forest Industry Organization before developing into commercial scales.

 However, it has yet to resolve issues such as commercial viability and production system stability, potentially through supporting or promoting measures to encourage the private sector to participate in developing commercial projects.

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