DEDE to conduct biogas safety and risk assessment training for industrial sector

The DEDE will conduct safety and risk assessment on biogas production and usage to industrial operators and livestock farmers.

 The Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency (DEDE) will conduct risk assessment training on biogas production to system operators and business owners. The training is meant to share knowledge in risk assessment of biogas production and safety usage to industrial operators and livestock farmers. Business owners have not paid enough attention to risk assessment and safety issues of biogas production and usage. Perhaps they lack knowledge and comprehension with the necessity of continuous risk assessment on each equipment, from biogas production, transportation, and eventual usage, which could lead to serious accidents.

The trainings will divide into two groups, industrial and livestock farmers. The industrial operators would need to attend two-day course due to complexity of safety system while livestock farmers would need only one-day course with guidelines as follow:

 1. To acknowledge safety system, risks and dangers, as well as inspection and efficiency assessment procedures of safety equipments in stages of biogas production process such as production, gas containment, gas transportation and the utilization.

 2.To group up operators for risk assessment workshop and enhance knowledge of participants on the matter, targeting 400 participants from the industrial sector and 400 livestock farmers which would ensure safer biogas production andutilization.