History of DEDE

History of DEDEene

         The Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency,formerly named as "National Energy Authority”, was established under the National Energy Authority Act, announced in the Royal Gazette Volume 70, Part 3, dated 6th January B.E. 2496 (1953). By the virtue of this Act, the "National Energy Authority Committee" was set up to formulate policies and identify related energy projects, and the "National Energy Authority” was founded in an equal status of “Department” since 7th January B.E. 2496 (1953). Historical background of the Department was summarized as follows;

7th January 1953

          Founded as “National Energy Authority” under the Prime Minister's Office, and temporarily located at Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University. In 1954, the Office was moved to Sala Luk Khun in the Compound of the Royal Grand Palace.

 13th July 1959

          The Office was moved again to Baan Pibultham, Kasatsuek Bridge, Yod Se (where DEDE is currently located).

 23rd May 1963

          Transferred to be under the Ministry of the National Development by the virtue of the Ministry, Bureau, and Department Improvement Act B.E. 2506 (1963).

1st October 1971

         Transferred back to the Prime Minister's Office and titled as the "National Energy Administration" (NEA).

 24th March 1979

         Transferred to be under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Energy.

 13th February 1992

         Renamed as the "Department of Energy Development and Promotion" (DEDP) under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Energy by the virtue of the Energy Development and Promotion Act B.E. 2535(1992), announced in the Royal Gazette Volume 109, Part 9, dated 12th February 1992.

 4th April 1992

          Renamed as Ministry of Science, Technology and Energy as the “Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment".

 3rd October 2002

          Renamed as “Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency (DEDP)” by the virtue of the Ministry of Energy by the Government Administrative Act B.E. 2545 (2002), announced in the Royal Gazette Volume 119, Part 99 (A), dated 2nd October B.E 2545 (2002).

 18th September 2007

           Changed the official logo frome                  to     of the Prime Minister on “Specification of the Official Logo according to the Official Logo Act B.E. 2550 (2007)”, No. 240, announced on 17th September 2007.