Residences and energy efficient housing would promote the campaign for housing business to realise more on how important to construct the energy efficient houses. This would also encourage more awareness to home buyers to select buying the houses with energy conscious design and construction.  There are 4 main criteria for construction of energy efficient housing as follows.

 1. The Roof Thermal Transfer Value (RTTV) shall not exceed 25 W/m2 (computing only internal usable area).

2. The Overall Thermal Transfer Value (OTTV) of exterior walls (building envelop) shall not exceed 45 W/m2 (computing only room with possibility to install air-conditioner such as: living room, bed room, dining room)

3. As for lighting, select using fluorescent lamps or CFL, (Compact Fluorescent Lamps) at over 80% of the total lamps.

4. Ventilation: the air vents or fenestration (windows, opening doors) area shall not less than 15 % of the core working area (computing only for living room, bed room and dining room)