Dr. Prasert Sinsukprasert
Director General
Tel : 662-223-0021-9 Ext.1021/1465
e-mail : prasert_s@dede.go.th

Miss Nuanjan Tachasermsukkul
Deputy Director General
Tel : 662-223-0021-9 Ext.1891
e-mail : nuanjan@dede.go.th

Mr. Anirut Thanakornmontri
Deputy Director General
Tel. 662-223-0021-9 Ext. 1722
e-mail : -

Mr. Ruangdet Panduang
Deputy Director General
Tel : 662-223-0021-9 Ext. 308/1600
e-mail : ruangdet_p@dede.go.th
Miss Ratree Khaisila
Director of Central Administration Division
Tel. 662-223-0021-9 Ext.1345
e-mail : rathree_k@dede.go.th
Mr. Sarat Prakobchat
Director of Energy Regulation and Conservation Division
Tel : 662-223-0021-9 Ext.1848/1462
e-mail : sarat_p@dede.go.th
Mrs. Suthisa Sanguantrakool
Director of Biofuel Development Division
Tel : 662-223-0021-9 Ext.1099
e-mail : suthisa_s@dede.go.th
Miss Apiradee Thummamanomai
Director of Energy Technology Transfer and Dissemination Division
Tel. 662-223-0021-9 Ext. 1340
e-mail : apiradee_t@dede.go.th
Mr. Sopon Maneechoth
Director of Human Resource Development Division
Tel. 662-577-7049,662-577-7036 Ext.200
e-mail : sopon_m@dede.go.th
Mr. Nunthanis Wongwatthana
Director of Alternative Energy Development Division
Tel. 662-223-0021-9 Ext. 1330
e-mail : nunthanis_w@dede.go.th
Mr. Narapandra Yamalee
Director of Information and Communication Technology Center
Tel. 662-223-0021-9 Ext.1492
e-mail : narapandra@dede.go.th
Mr. Somchart Tungrikasit
Director of Energy Efficiency Promotion Division
Tel. 662-223-0021-9 Ext. 1399
e-mail : somchart_t@dede.go.th
Mr. Suree Jaroonsak
Director of Solar Energy Development Division
Tel : 662-223-0021-9 Ext. 1227
e-mail : suree_j@dede.go.th
Mr. Watcharin Boonyarit
Director of Strategy and Planning Division
Tel. 662-223-0021-9
e-mail : watcharin_b@dede.go.th
Mr. Adisak Choosuk
Director of Energy Research Division
Tel. 662-223-0021-9 Ext. 1251
e-mail :adisak_c@dede.go.th

Miss Rungrawee Yingyaod

Renewable Energy Expert
Tel. 662-223-0021-9
e-mail : rungrawee_y@dede.go.th

Mr. Kittiporn Posew

Renewable Energy Expert
Tel. 662-223-0021-9 Ext. 1124
e-mail : kittiporn_po@dede.go.th