Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy means energy used for fuel substitution; divided in 2 categories of theirs original resources; alternative energy from depleted resources such as coal, natural gas nuclear, peat and oil sand etc. and the other alternative energy from non-depleted resources which can be renewable such as solar, wind, biomass, hydro and hydrogen etc. In this article, it will only state about potential and status of alternative energy application.

Alternative Energy Study and Development is a study research monitoring development and demonstrate as well as promoting and disseminating alternative energy which is clear energy and has no effect to the environment, and their resources have available locally such as wind energy, solar, biomass and others. The study research and development of alternative energy aims to disseminate efficient applications of alternative energy production, which are technically suitable for economic and social of metropolitan and urban users. This study also includes instrument, appliance and equipment development with highest efficiency.

Alternative Energy Etudy and Development Activities are parts of alternative energy development plan. The example of projects, related directly under this plan, is energy study research project, which is related to rural development activity in PV battery Charging System for non-electrified Rural Villages Project. These activities are routine and supporting alternative energy technology development in term of technical theory and monitoring equipment as well as promoting and disseminating; which will support new study research project establishment including other related projects such as pre feasibility study, progress monitoring and cooperation with concerned agencies in developing of prototype, testing, analysis and assessment, and also support development of on going projects to fulfill their accomplishment as well as to promote and disseminate post project result for suitable application.

Napier Grass

Napier Grass: Energy plant to keep eyes on
Napier Grass is the latest energy crop being promoted by the Thai government. DEDE has poured in over THB350 million worth of research budget and targets to produce as much as 3,000MW electricity from Napier Grass.